Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm returning to the Seattle Mariners broadcast booth...

... as part of a rotation of former M's announcers trying to fill the unfill-able void left when Dave Niehaus passed away last November.  But I'm thrilled to be returning to Seattle.   I've always loved the city, team, organization, and (now) the ballpark.   I'll  primarily be working on the radio, doing the play-by-play with Rick Rizz.   Expect a lot of Dave Niehaus anecdotes and remembrances. 

I don't know yet how this will impact my doing Dodger Talk.  Hopefully, everything will all work out.  I imagine this summer I'll hold the record for the most TSA pat downs.

Thanks for all your support.   Thanks to the M's for having me back. 

Go Mariners and Dodgers! 

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