Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Best of American Idol

AMERICAN IDOL is back.  I'm dealing with a little medical issue the next couple of days so might not get around to reviewing the first week for a few days.  Don't worry.  I'm fine.

Update:  Seriously.  I am.  Didn't mean to alarm anybody.  Thanks to all for your well wishes.  But I'm good to go.   And judging by what I've seen, I am in waaaay better health than Steven Tyler.

But because of this, today's post might be a little bit of a cheat.  I've been reviewing AMERICAN IDOL for years, although last year I lost interest.  But to get you in the mood for another season of bad Elton John covers, and for the many new readers who have hopped aboard, here are some of my "Best of" AMERICAN IDOL reviews.

AMERICAN IDOL goes country.

AMERICAN IDOL plays the big charity card.

Mariah Carey night.

The Night I was on AMERICAN IDOL. 

Hot chicks on Nyquil 

Disco night.

God knows what the show is going to be like this season.  New judges, some format modifications, and if those don't work -- look for Bristol Palin to wind up in the top 3.

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