Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Women I love

Here’s who I have major crushes on (this week)…
Margo Martindale – If she doesn’t win an Emmy this year there is no justice and no JUSTIFIED. At least this season. Margo is a wonderful character actress whose portrayal of Mags Bennett on JUSTIFIED is so deliciously evil she steals every scene she’s in. And that’s not easy when she’s playing against Timothy Oliphant or that mongoloid family of hers.

Aubrey Plaza – Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones get all the kudos but Aubrey’s deadpan attitude makes me laugh every time. Her timing is impeccable.

Abbie Cornish – Those of you saying “Who?” won’t be saying that long. She starred in LIMITLESS and is just on the verge of breaking out. Beautiful, plays smart, and has a real presence. This was even apparent in ROBOT CHICKEN. Best thing to come out of Australia since the Bloomin’ Onion.

Kathleen Madigan – Just simply the funniest, sharpest comedienne working today. Imagine a female comic whose act isn’t endless Lesbian jokes or crass insults.

Julianna Margulies – They should change the title of her show to THE GREAT WIFE. I love how real she is and how subtle. It’s especially noticeable when she plays opposite Norma Desmond… I mean Christine Baranski.

Carrie Fisher – In between shock treatments she remains wickedly funny.

Julie Bowen – Finally getting the chance to show what a good physical comedienne she is on MODERN FAMILY. And to me she’s sexier than Sofía Vergara. Call me crazy but I’ll take the girl-next-door over Charo.

Nicole Atkins – Singer/songwriter with a voice that’s been compared to Roy Orbison. Her music is sort of ‘60s Brill Building meets David Lynch. Also was excellent in an American Express commercial, which is how I judge all talent.

Teresa Strasser – Heard locally in Los Angeles every morning on 790 KABC but formerly Adam Carolla’s radio sidekick, author, journalist, Emmy winning writer, and host of talk shows on cable networks no one ever watches. Funny in any medium. Has probably appeared on more Countdown Shows than any other human being since the dawn of time.

Grace Park – A stand-out in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, she’s totally wasted on HAWAII 5-0. I don’t know what happened. At first she was this bikini-clad badass action hero. Now she’s been reduced to cross checking fingerprints for McGarrett.

Carolyn Hennesey – Sorry Courtney, I watch COUGAR TOWN to see Carolyn. She makes me laugh way more than you. And I’m sure if I gave a crap about soap operas I would like her on GENERAL HOSPITAL, too.

and finally:

My wife -- so these other girls are safe from me hitting on them. 

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