Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Join me on the radio

This morning I will be doing a virtual book tour, shamelessly plugging WHERE THE HELL AM I? TRIPS I HAVE SURVIVED on radio shows all across the country (and hopefully being entertaining, too).  Here's the schedule, subject to change.  All times, Eastern.   Hope you can tune in if you're in one of those towns.  A new post follows at 10:30 AM Eastern.

8:00 WTKW Syracuse
8:10 KQRS Minneapolis/St.Paul
8:20 WNDB Orlando
8:30 KTOE Mankato, MN
8:40 WBAL Baltimore
8:50 WEGE Lima, OH
9:00 KRWK Fargo, ND
9:10 WHAM Rochester
9:20 WWMX Baltimore
9:30 WIMT Lima, OH
9:40 WFON Green Bay, WI
9:50 KLPX Tucson
10:00 WXKR Toledo

10:20 WZRR Birmingham

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