Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random thoughts

... or Attention Deficit Blogging.  

My blog traffic has plummeted since they closed down the internet in Egypt.

Sorry to see the Mystery Bookstore close in Westwood. E-books are killing the bookstore industry. Now I feel even more guilty that I have an e-book of my own coming out in the next few weeks.

They held a last hurrah reception at the Mystery Bookstore Monday night and I got to meet a lot of best-selling authors. Standing with a few of them, I mentioned the name Meredith Viera. Three of the four had no idea who she is. People don’t know the host of the TODAY SHOW? Good luck to those new hosts of CBS EARLY MORNING.

Since this is awards season, the coveted “Scumbag of the Year” award goes to Tracy Morgan. After his ex-girlfriend donated a kidney to him, he blew her off. Nice. And he’s not funny.

While the Red Sox got Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez this off-season, the Yankees signed Freddie Garcia and Bartolo Colon. Inquiries to Satchel Paige were not returned.

Lots of Fairy Tale-themed pilots getting picked up this year. My favorite is LAW & ORDER: ENCHANTED FOREST.

I love THE GOOD WIFE. It’s not just the best lawyer show on television. It’s also the best family drama. 

Great HuffingtonPost headline this morning: Camille Grammer Blames FOX News For End Of Intimacy With Kelsey.  Isn't it enough they irresponsibly distort the news and knowingly mislead millions of people, now they've tampered with Camille Grammer's sex life!  FOX News must be stopped! 

If you haven’t seen it, this Friday night at 9, the USA network is rerunning the two-part CSI written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The goose bumps haven’t gone down since I saw it the first time five years ago.

Manny Ramirez is now with the Tampa Bay Rays. Good luck to them. He’s the bag you set on fire, leave at someone’s doorstep, and run.

CHEERS is now on the Reelz Channel, running in the middle of the night. But I’m sure that’s only until they can land some infomercials. One of my favorite episodes is coming up tomorrow morning at 3:30. 

Is Omar Sharif the only Egyptian we can go to for a comment?

My heart goes out to everyone stuck in that horrendous winter storm that's crippled most of the nation. I’m sure movie studios are saying, “Damn! This is really going to hurt the weekend boxoffice”.

Actress/alcoholic/addict Lindsay Lohan is now stealing jewelry. Hey, she needs start-up funds for that drug running ring she’s about to start.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you why I hated COMPANY MAN starring Ben Affleck. So you’re gonna want to rush right out and see it today.

Two weeks until pitchers and catchers report. Except for Alfredo Simon. He may be late... by twenty years.

The Baltimore Orioles’ reliever has the minor complication -- he’s been denied bail. Simon is being held in the Dominican Republic on an involuntary manslaughter charge. Seems he was firing celebratory shots in the air and killed one person and injured another. I’ll tell you this – players hate it when pitchers display emotion on the mound.

What’s worse? That NBC is just now putting together a reality show that is a rip off of AMERICAN IDOL (pouncing on that zeitgeist only nine years too late) or that they signed Carson Daly to host it?

Meanwhile, DANCING WITH THE STARS returns on March 21st. Celebrity dancers will be announced February 28th, but I have a preview. Sarah Palin’s daughter’s friend, Tracy Morgan’s ex-girlfriend, Betty White, Phineas & Ferb, Alfredo Simon, and Meredith Viera.

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