Saturday, February 12, 2011

The one movie I will NEVER see

Fans of this blog know how much I love the movie ARTHUR.   Written and directed by the brilliant Steve Gordon, it's a romantic comedy that's actually both.   If you haven't seen it, let that be your Valentine's Day movie.

Hollywood, in its relentless quest to avoid originality for sequels and franchises and remakes is releasing a new version of ARTHUR starring Russell Brand.   Why??   Judging by this trailer, they have sucked out any of the charm and sophistication of the original and replaced it with crass, juvenile, over-the-top slapstick, and incredibly lame jokes.   Not to mention, Russell Brand.

Here's the trailer, and remember, all the very best jokes are in the preview.   Hollywood will tell you they're just updating a classic.  I say they're spitting on the flag.

Rent the original instead of seeing this:

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