Sunday, February 6, 2011

My favorite Super Bowl commercials

Not a lot of great ones to choose from, that's for sure.  And there was the added distraction of a sensational football game, but here are few I liked:

The HOUSE Mean Joe Green commercial parody.

The Tim Hutton Tibet Groupon spot.

And the little Darth Vader for some car commercial.

The sitcom montage was kind of interesting but I had no idea what it was for, and I don't think I get royalties.  

Otherwise, ugh!  Lots of stunts, lots of effects, short on laughs.  People getting clocked with Pepsi cans.  Yuck yuck (although I did enjoy seeing Roseanne get pummeled).  It seems like every movie coming out has a spacecraft. 

A lot of the commercials I just didn't get.  What was Coke trying to sell with that elaborate spot with dragons and creatures?  Is their new campaign that Coke is the official cola of imaginary characters? 

And can I just say it -- I am so fucking sick of seeing the GLEE people.  Stop it already!  I don't want to see them!

I noticed that there were a lot spots for high end automobiles like Mercedes Benz and BMW.  But the only people who could afford those cars were actually at the Super Bowl. 

Budweiser commercials are never funny anymore.  Bring back the frogs.  Or the Bud Bowl even.

And I know it's off the subject, but never NEVER NEVER let Christina Aguilera sing the National Anthem.

Congratulations to the Packers.  

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