Thursday, May 19, 2011

Your chance to sound-off!!!

Coming up on the 5 1/2 year anniversary of this blog. This is post #2,366 (ten of them are REALLY good!). From time to time I like to turn the tables and have me read and you write. I’d love to hear from you today – especially new readers or longtime lurkers. I’d love to know who you are, where you’re from, how you found this blog, how long you’ve been here, and most of all – what in it you like and don’t like. Not that I’m going to change anything of course. I’ll still share just enough political views to piss off those of you who don’t think Sarah Palin is an idiot. And I’ll still delve into a lot of different topics. Not only because I like variety but coming up with ideas for this space everyday is a bitch. God, I miss the Writers Strike!

But if I know your overall preferences and non-preferences I can better skew my content in the direction you want. So what do you think?

Among the crap I throw at you is….

Hollywood war stories, writing advice, reviews, travelogues, radio tales, industry rants, Friday questions, parodies, behind-the-scenes, baseball, classic comedy clips for you to weigh-in on, excerpts from the ‘60s book I’m writing, industry analysis, seasonal movie previews, contests, surveys, excerpts from scripts, profiles of comedy writers, snippets of play-by-play, miscellaneous thoughts & silliness, Katherine Heigl bashing, reality show spoofing, and pretty much anything else I think might get a couple of laughs.

Would love your feedback.  

Speaking of which, the comments section has evolved into another very big part of this blog. Just know I read every one, and there are many days when the comments you guys leave are far more entertaining than the post they’re commenting on. So it takes great fortitude not to just delete them. 

Feel free to criticize. Seriously. I only ask that you leave your name. And before you accuse me of using my blog just so I can sell my books, get more Twitter followers, and promote when I’m going to be broadcasting for the Mariners, I say, “Yeah? So what?”

(By the way, I’m thinking of doing another Sitcom Room seminar. Will let you know, but you can go here for updates on that)

Thanks so much to all of you. Thanks for your support, thanks for your comments, thanks to the nine of you who have bought my book and the four who’ve said they liked it, and thanks for spreading the word about this blog to others. It’s hard to go viral I’m sharing lost episodes of ALMOST PERFECT.

In closing, this blog had been a great outlet, and more than that – it has allowed me to meet many way cool people like yourself. Hope to hear from you today. (Or at least buy my book.) And I look forward to keep posting until I’m down to my last AfterMASH anecdote (which is also my first AfterMASH anecdote).

Thanks again,


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