Thursday, May 5, 2011

This is one of those random thoughts days

Mark Burnett will produce this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards show. September 18th. The hosts will be Boston Rob and that bitch Jerri with the hat.

Meanwhile, Neil Patrick Harris will once again host the Tony Awards for CBS in June. I don't know the exact date but who cares?  No one watches it anyway.  Neil replaces Sean Hayes who will be busy filming THE THREE STOOGES. It’s being produced and directed by the Farrelly Brothers so if you thought the original Three Stooges were lowbrow and crass, just wait.

I found a blog with truly bad writing advice called HOW TO WRITE GOOD. But it’s very funny. Check it out.

Departing CBS news anchor/failure Katie Couric is negotiating to star in her own daytime talk show, thus following the success of fellow former TODAY SHOW hosts Jane Pauley and Deborah Norville in the daytime arena.

Congratulations to Dan Hoard, just named the new voice of the Cincinnati Bengals.  Dan was my partner in Syracuse and one of the best sportscasters in the country.  Trivia note for you SIMPSONS fans:  In the "Dancin' Homer" episode that I wrote along with David Isaacs, I play the voice of the Springfield Isotopes and the name I use is Dan Hoard.   Go Bengals!  And Topes of course.

There are 88 scripted pilots this year vying for spots on network fall schedules. I think that’s up from like five a few years ago.

This Sunday I will be filling-in and once again co-hosting Dodger Talk on 790 KABC with Josh Suchon. I haven’t been paying strict attention. Is anything going on with the Dodgers this year?

And my next Seattle Mariners’ broadcasts will be next weekend from Cleveland. I also plan to visit the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame and demand an explanation as to why Rebecca Black hasn't been inducted yet.

Marie Osmond re-married her first husband. From comedienne Wendy Liebman: Apparently Marie Osmond is into recycling.

To make room for her new/former husband, she is moving 35,000 dolls out of the house.  

Sorry to hear of the passing of Jackie Cooper at 88. It’s somewhat disconcerting though that for all he’s accomplished in an amazing 85-year career that including acting, producing, Oscar nominations, and Emmy winning directing, some media outlets only refer to him as Perry White from the Christopher Reeve SUPERMAN films. How about THE LITTLE RASCALS, THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE (although Cleo the dog stole that show), HENNESEY, and directing MASH…just for starters?

I have located the worst comedy writers ever. They are all writing “humorous” Mother’s Day cards. Every card I read was like a one-liner from the remake of HEARTBREAK KID.

Touching Tweet from JennyJohnsonHi5: Last Mother's Day my stepkids got me an apron that read "World's Shittiest Stepmom" It was such a fucking dumb gift, they know I don't cook.

You know the perfect gift for mom on Mother's Day is a collection of hilarious travelogues.  WHERE THE HELL AM?  TRIPS I HAVE SURVIVED is just the thing.  Order it here.  She'll love you for it, and hey, where else you gonna get a Mother's Day gift for $2.99?

I can’t believe we haven’t seen the TV movie-of-the-week depicting the bin Laden killing starring Mark Harmon. It’s been four days!

Actual HuffingtonPost headline last night: How Do Astronauts Go Number Two In Space?

You know it’s May when CHUCK is on the verge of cancellation.

Not to be a name-dropper but Marlin slugger, Mike Stanton and I have the same dentist.

And finally, from Elayne Boosler: "Largest Spider Fossil Ever Found." Hmm. Does it live at the Playboy Mansion?

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