Friday, March 11, 2011

Who says Hollywood only cares about itself?

Our hearts go out to everyone in Japan and everyone affected by the residual tsunamis.  The headlines and on-line videos have been heartbreaking and horrifying.  And then I went to one of those Hollywood industry sites.  Their big story was that production on HAWAII 5-0 did not have to shut down.  They had no shots near the shore so they were able to continue filming as planned.

All I can say is "WHEW!!!"

That was a close one.  I'm sure, like me, your first thought on hearing of a possible Hawaii tsunami was is this going to set HAWAII 5-0 back a day or two?   Thank God, thank GOD, that didn't occur.  That would have been a... well, a disaster.

That reminds me of the time there was an assassination attempt on President Reagan.  The headline in one of the trade papers the next day was...


and then, in much smaller letters...



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