Monday, July 18, 2011

Minor league announcer quits on the air

Life in the minors isn't as idyllic as BULL DURHAM would have you believe.  Recently, the Lake County Fielders, from the North American Baseball League, experienced a mutiny.  On July 9, Lake County manager Tim Johnson resigned before a game and eleven of his players refused to play in protest.  Apparently they were not getting paid.  (No, Frank McCourt had nothing to do with this.  Actually, a part owner of the Fielders is Kevin Costner.) 

Things got wackier.  A few nights later, Jose Canseco player/manager of an opposing team pitched against the Fielders.  The following day, Lake County traded nine players and released fourteen others.

And then their play-by-play announcer, Qumar Zaman, quit on the air.  Here's his final sign-off and it's a doozy. 

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