Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some random blogservations...

Thanks again to everyone for the nice wishes on the TIME magazine honor. I was hoping to get recognized. Now I don’t have to tweet those photos of myself.

How perfect that the shutterbug congressman’s name is “Weiner”. And how further perfect that the person who officiated his wedding was Bill Clinton.

If they use that storyline next year on THE GOOD WIFE, Chris Noth could once again play “Mr. Big”.

3D movies are starting to flop. Audiences are finding those glasses annoying. It's hard to text with them on.

Maybe if the congressman had tweeted in 3D….

How come on HAWAII 5-0 Scott Caan never does anything anymore while that lox Alex O’Loughlin does everything? That’s like developing MORK & MINDY around Mindy.

Weiner apparently had a relationship with porn star Ginger Lee. Once this was discovered he coached her on what to say. Here was his suggestion: “This is silly. Like so many others, I follow Rep. Weiner on Twitter.” Oh yeah, all porn stars follow U.S. congressmen on Twitter.

Am I the only one tired of Lady Gaga? We get it. You’re outrageous. You’re a great self-promoter. You look better in a mask.

After a five-year hiatus, the CBS EVENING NEWS has returned to the airwaves.

Headline in yesterday’s HuffPost: How Ringo Starr Was Almost Killed by Nazis.

And another, even better HuffPost headline: Did Ronald Reagan Think 'E.T' Was A True Story?!

Note to waiters and waitresses: Not everything is awesome.

Some favorite team names: Lehigh Valley IronPigs, Long Beach State DirtBags, Great Lakes Loons, Richmond Flying Squirrels, and Modesto Nuts.

TRUE BLOOD is back this summer. I bet the ratings would be higher if they went with my daughter, Annie’s title for the show. VAMPIRE PORN.

Think of how much better Terrence Malick’s THE TREE OF LIFE would have been if he hadn’t’ve rushed it.

Happy birthday to my brother, Corey.

The NBA FINALS have been great this year.  Now tied 2-2.  Dirk Nowitzki even looks like Bill Walton.  

My summer guilty pleasures: “The Best of the Beach Boys”, frozen bananas, COVERT AFFAIRS.

Milton Bradley’s name is on the All-Star ballot. He’s been released by Seattle, no other team in baseball will touch him. He was so hated by fans that he wore earplugs to drown out the booing – in his own home stadium. So give him real serious consideration.

Everyone says the new X-MEN: FIRST CLASS movie is just that… except for January Jones. But I hear she’s in lingerie for most of the film, so who cares? You already know she can’t act.

Cheryl Cole has been axed off of THE X-FACTOR (U.S. version). This would be a bigger story if anyone in America knew who the hell she was. Apparently her accent is so thick that you can’t understand a word she says. And overly-critical Fox thought that was an issue.

Laurence Fishburne is leaving CSI.   After two years of basically posing, he moves on to resume trying to have Samuel L. Jackson's career.   Hey, Cheryl Cole!  There's an opening!

Every time I see a Beverly Hills restaurant go out of business that charged $7 for valet parking I cheer.

There will be an AMERICAN PIE 4. (So many unanswered questions from the first three). The entire original cast has been signed. The hard part was coordinating schedules with rehabs.

Maybe if the congressman had tweeted it in a pie…

Two people returned my book to Kindle last month. How bad could it be that they demanded their $2.99 back? Thanks to all of you who bought it and absorbed the loss. You can order yours here – at no risk to you.

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